Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 120-123--SWF in the City of Love

 Notre Dame
 Notre Dame
 Notre Dame Arch
 Inside Notre Dame
 More Stained glass in Notre Dame
 Notre Dame Ceiling
 Bread Demonstration
 Braid Bread
 More Bread Fun
 Fountain of St Michel
 Love Locks
 National Assembly
 Me and Flat Stanley at the Louvre
 Louvre fountains
 Jardin Des Tuileries at Place du Carrousel

Jardin des Tuileries

 Guess what this is?? You got it Tour Eiffel or the Eiffel Tower

 Rainbow at the Eiffel Tower
 Flat Stanley at the Arc de Triomphe

 Montmarte Bascilla
 Gardens of Montmartre
 More of the Montmartre Bascilla
 Artist district in Montmartre
 Paris Symbol
 Moulin Rouge
 No invisible writing on her but still kinda cool to look at.

Monna Lisa
 Largest painting in the Louvre
 Me and Flat Stanley in the Louvre
 Giant Sphinx
 Louvre pyramid
 Eiffel Tower
 Cool gates and such

Flat Stanley and the Eiffel Tower

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 107 The Magic of Harry Potter

It is recommended to have at least 2 hours to do the tour of the studio....I took 3....if Elizabeth had been with me we could have taken at least 4. It was absolutely amazing!!! It was not far from London about 30 minutes by train...not a bad way to spend the morning.

Cupboard under the stairs
Great Hall
The House animals that line the Great Hall
Great Hall table

 House Point Counter

 Professor McGonagall

The only roof to the Great Hall
 Yule Ball Tables

 Great Hall with the chocolate feast
 Great Gates
 Boys Dorm

 Picture of McGonagall that was in the Common room that I never saw in the movies

 Mirror of Erised
 All the Major players wands
 Fat Lady's Portrait

 Invisibility Cloak

Dumbledore's Office entrance

Memory Keeper in Dumbledore's Office

 Inside Dumbledore's Office

 The Great Clock

 Hermione's Time-Turner


 Goblet of Fire

Green Screening for the moving portraits-- *note* all of the portraits are real oil paintings

 Potions Classroom

Gringott's Cart

Small Version of Hagdrid/Sirius's Motor Bike

Mad-Eye Moody's Trunk

Belatrix's Gringotts Vault Door

Animal Actors

Hagrid's Hut

 The Burrow
 Vanishing Cabinet
 Ministry statue
 Remember the statue in the Center?
 Umbridge's office
 Ministry Offices
 Floo Fireplaces in the Ministry of Magic
 Marauders map
 Weasley Wizard Weezes
 Knight Bus

Black Family tree tapestry

 Riddle headstone-- 4th Book
 Privet Drive
 Potter Cottage in Godric's Hollow
 Bridge that Neville and Seamus blow up in the 8th Movie
 Knight from the Wizard Chess Game-- 1st Book
 Pawn-- 1st Book
 All of the Goblins
 Luna's Lion headdress
 Quirell and Voldemort
 Mad mermaid
 Doby-- in the Background-- Book of Monsters in the foreground
 Warewolf aka Lupin aka Moony
 Hungarian Horntail
 Owl Emporium
 Wealsey's Wizard Weezes
 Flourish and Blotts on Diagon Alley
 The 1:8 paper model
 Hogwarts -- It is real!!! This is the model that was used for the sweeping scenes of the grounds.
 Me and Flat Stanley in front of the Hogwarts model
Flat Stanley inside of Ollivander's