Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 83-85-- Milan, Italy

 There was not alot to do in Milan but shop. We were lucky enough that when we came out of our hostel on Saturday morning we found a great market!!
 Not sure what these are but they were very pretty
 Blood oranges and artichokes
 SNAILS!!! sooooo coool
 Flat Stanley and pistachio gelato!!! It was great
 More of the Castle

2nd largest Cathedral in Europe over 100 spires 
Shopping center right by the Cathedral (all the big names) we window shopped but were smart enough not to go in!!

Day 81-83 Thessaloniki Greece

 When you look Thessaloniki up on Trip Advisor or other similar sights the only 'major' site to see is the White Tower (as seen at the left). While it does not look white, it was white washed to cover the blood that ran down it from the Ottoman be-headings (happy thoughts right?).
 White tower from afar
 view of Thessaloniki from Old town
 Old town wall
 More of Old town wall
 Old town
 Gyro!!! Amazingness!!! It starts with Peta bread then onions tomatoes, slices of chicken, fries, then ketchup and mustard!! EAT IT!!!
 Not sure what these are called but they looked like baby boston cream pies!!
BEST THING I ATE!!!! It is much like the picture above with a puff pastry/cake thing base, ice cream in the middle, and it is all rolled in powdered sugar and coconut!! I was not able to get a picture of the second best thing I had which was peach gelato (it started to melt and I was forced to eat quickly)

Day 79-81-- Budapest Hungary

Oh I forgot to tell you who I went with for the Grand Easter Break Tour. Kimber Guinn is also a last semester senior at UK she is from Somerset, KY and will have a degree in International relations upon graduation. Anyway back to Budapest, we arrived in Hungary on Monday around 4 pm, I took more pictures that night then I did in the day and a half that we were in Sweden. Budapest is split by the Duna River and is actually two cities Buda and Pest.

 St Stephan's right by the hostel!!

 Chain Bridge
 Duna River and Parliament from the Chain Bridge
 View of Parliament from the Buda Side
 With flash
 Chain Bridge
 More of Parliament
 Pest City from the top of Castle Hill on the Buda Side
 Flat Stanley on Castle Hill
 Mathis Cathedral

 Cant remember what they called it here but it was the same thing I had in Prague but with coconut!!
 Kimber and her pastry with cinnamon and sugar

 Stairs leading up to Castle Hill
 In front of Mathis
 Cool Statue
 Central Market Hall
 In the Central Market Hall
 Central Market Hall
 Nice Hats
 Flat Stanley and his hat!!
 Heros Square which was forever away from the Market hall where we walked from

 Me and Flat Stanley at Heros square
 Art Hall right by Hero Square
 Hero square

Flat Stanley!!