Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 63-64 Sevilla

 Only being in a place for one full day does not give you a lot of time to see it and to actually know what you are looking at so I took two walking tours of the city and the Jewish quarter and will let you know when I know what something is but some of the following pics I am not positive what they are I just thought they were cool.

 "The Mushrooms" or  Metropol Parasol is the Worlds largest wooden construction. It is built over an archeological site that was not discovered until excavation began for a parking garage. All the artifacts were recovered and placed in a museum that is on the same site.  

 Streets are narrow with small tapas bars and cafes lining them
 Scarves!!! There are lots of scarves and shawls in Spain! I did have to purchase one. 

 One of the last remaining Moorish structures in Seville. The Bell tower is a Christian addition

 The central Jesus "float" for the Easter Parade. It takes 42 men to carry this float for 8 hours.
 More bells
 Seville Cathedral-- The largest Cathedral in Europe by area, it sits on the site of a Mosque that was demolished by the Christians. The only remaining piece of the mosque is the minaret (pictured below). The Cathedral was built in the 15 and 16th century.
 La Giralda-- the bell portion is a Christian addition but below the bells is the last portion of the mosque built in 12th Century
 Santa Cruz-- "Holy Cross" The Jewish quarter
 More of Santa Cruz
Plaza Nueva courtyard-- paved with river stones

Day 60-62 Barcelona, Spain


The Boqueria is an open air market off the main square on La Rambla Ave.
 In the Boqueria
 Kelsey and her seafood Paella. Kelsey was one of my teammates on the Livestock judging Gold team. She and her friend Eric were in Spain for Spring Break, and we met up in Barcelona
 Fish monger in the Boqueria
 Barcelona Cathedral
 More of the Cathedral
 Sagrada Familia-- Barcelona's most famous building, it is a work in progress which started in 1882 and is "said" to be finished in 2020.
 Awesome ceiling in Sagrada Familia
 Kelsey in Sangrada Familia
 Pipe organ in Sagrada Familia
 Eric in Sagrada Familia
 Back side of Sagrada Familia- Eventually there will be 18 towers, representing the 12 apostles, 4 evangelists and Mary, plus the tallest tower that will represent Jesus
 Casa Mila-- built by Gaudi in 1906
  Casa Batll√≥ also built by Gaudi in 1904 has the appearance of skull and cross bones
 Mediterranean Sea-- very cold and rainy but Kelsey and I were brave enough to still stand in it, while Eric took the pics and watched the stuff. 
 The stuff trying not to get wet or blow away
 "Sand in my shoes, sand from Barcelona"
 Flamenco-- very little light but I kinda liked this pic because it showed the movement
Final Flamenco proformance

Day 58-59 Lisbon, Portugal

 Only arch in Europe not dedicated to a battle, but is dedicated to the people of Portugal.
 View from Rossio square
 All of the side walks and courtyards are paved with tiles. The early convicts were charged with paving them so they had something to do and the city benefited from it as well.
 Rossio Square
 Cathedral that was burnt in 1988. There was no renovation the walls and ceiling were just painted over.  
 Moorish Mosque that was converted into a restaurant
 A Cathedral that was destroyed during the Great earthquake in 1755. Due to this earthquake there were precautions put into place in the new buildings that allows the building to shift and not fall during another earthquake.
 Skyline of Lisbon-- view from the Santa Justa lift (pic later)
 Cathedral again
Santa Justa Lift-- built by an apprentice of Gustave Eiffle 
 Alfama region of Lisbon
 More of Alfama
 Commerce Square-- Where traders used to bring goods in off the ships that were coming from abroad.
 Atlantic Ocean
More of the Atlantic Ocean and what little beach Lisbon has