Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thanks for following this amazing journey through 13 countries, numerous cities, and uncounted miles. Special thanks to my Grandmother Wilson who helped to fund this trip.

Day 134-136-- Rome

 Swiss Guard
 Pieta in St Peters
 Flat Stanley at St Peters
 St Peters

 Flat Stanley at Spanish Steps
 Trevi Fountain
 Flat Stanley at the Trevi Fountain

 Mouth of Truth-- Roman Holiday
 Outside the Pantheon
inspiration for Pirates of the Caribbean  

132-134- Florence

 Ponte Vecchio
 At Sunset
 Hams!! In the market
 Anyone want some horse meat?
 Making pasta
Flat Stanley and the Duomo

Day 130-132- Venice

Venice is built on closely spaced wood piles. Even after centuries of submersion  these wood piles are still intact due to the oxygen poor environment.   

 1 of the 409 bridges connecting the 117 island
 Masks!! Loved this shop
 Making of the masks

 In the process
 Flat Stanley in Venice

 Who doesnt need penis pasta??
 Giant clock in St. Marks Square
 St. Marks
 Italian crew team
 Picnic on the water
 Old English in Italy
 Jelly Fish

Day 130- Pisa

Sorry about the lateness of these final posts from Italy. While I am in Lexington at my Grandmothers for the holidays I will finally finish the last four cities of Pisa, Venice, Florance, and Rome

Arno River

City Wall
The leaning tower is the bell tower of the cathedral
 Flat Stanley at the leaning Tower
the actual leaning tower
Sidewalk art